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Use Power Listening Skills

MONday - 03/03/2014 03:35
Use Power Listening Skills

Use Power Listening Skills

Use Power Listening Skills
Communication is much more than words.  It's about being able to listen and to also to speak in a manner that makes others want to listen.  In order to connect with students, take time to listen.  This is especially true with children who have problems.  Set aside a special time to meet one-to-one.  When you listen, focus your entire attention on the student.  Nod your head as you listen so the child knows you are paying attention.  Use power listening words: "Ah…."  "Really!"  "I would like to hear more."  This is a gift you can give not only to your students but to all those in your life — the gift of listening without interrupting, without attempting to solve the problem.  It is empowering.

Have a great day. You are a difference maker

Source: Appelbaum Training institute

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