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To Fully Live, You Must Fully Give

MONday - 28/07/2014 00:09
To Fully Live, You Must Fully Give

To Fully Live, You Must Fully Give

To Fully Live, You Must Fully Give
 This is a concept children need to learn.  Many children today are "me" centered.  They need to learn the satisfaction that comes from giving to others.  You can help them to do this.  Start by letting them see you in action and the joy you receive from giving to others.  Provide opportunities for them to give to others.  Teach them that they give with their words as well as with things.  A kind word to someone is a gift that can enhance that person's day and make it better.  Teach them to go from being "me" centered to being "we" centered.  Teach them that together, there is so much more that can be accomplished.  To fully live is to fully give—to others as well as to themselves.

 Have a great Tuesday.  You are a difference maker!

Source: Appelbaum Training institute

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