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The OOOPS Strategy

THUrsday - 23/07/2015 00:25
The OOOPS Strategy

The OOOPS Strategy

The OOOPS Strategy
When children are defiant, or talk back, refuse to listen until they speak respectfully.  Instead just calmly say, "Ooops."  This is a reminder for children to in turn say, "Ooops," and make their request in a politer voice.

Explain this ahead so that children know what you will be doing and rehearse polite ways of asking for things.

EXAMPLE:  Child: "I hate you.  You are mean."
                    Teacher: "Ooops."
                    Child: (Pauses) "Ooops, I was mad.
                              I really would like to ..."

Source: Appelbaum Training institute

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