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Don't Wait Until The Rope Breaks

FRIday - 31/10/2014 05:22
Don't Wait Until The Rope Breaks

Don't Wait Until The Rope Breaks

Don't Wait Until The Rope Breaks
  A story is told about a group of tourists that were at the side of a mountain.  They were very excited because they were going to all go up the mountain in a huge basket.  The basket was attached to a rope.  There were a group of workers at the top of the mountain who pulled on the rope so the basket could come up.  One of the tourists was very nervous, and turned to the tour guide and asked, "How often do you change the rope?"  The tour guide said, "Whenever it breaks!!"
  The point to this story is not to wait until the rope breaks.  Just as people could be hurt if that rope breaks, so too can students be hurt if the "rope breaks."  
  You are the tour guide showing students where to go.  You are the one to provide "baskets" of learning.  You are the one to ensure that they make it to "the top."  Take care of yourself too.  Make sure your own rope doesn't break.  Get enough rest.  Eat healthy foods.  Nurture your body.  You deserve it.  You have a big job.  You are a difference maker.

Source: Appelbaum Training institute

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