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Children and Lies

THUrsday - 16/02/2017 01:53
Children and Lies

Children and Lies

Children and Lies
A lie is almost always a form of self-protection.  There are other reasons that children tell lies, including: 1) To be liked more; 2) To get attention; 3) To avoid punishment; 4) To avoid tasks they don’t want to do; 5) To make a parent or teacher happy; and 6) To pretend something they want is true.
There are several things you can do when children lie.  First and foremost is to always tell the truth yourself.  You are a role model for them.  Secondly, when a child makes up a big story, simply say, "Wow, that showed imagination.  Now let's talk about what really happened."

Source: Appelbaum Training institute

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