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Our curriculum is a perfect combination between the revised teaching method set by the Ministry of Education & Traning and the Montessori program, which has been successfully applied in the USA and other 50 developed countries around the world. They both are set in such a way to best meet the following 3 objectives:

+ Perfect physical development

+ Perfect social development

+ Perfect aesthetic development

Montessori philosophy using at Baby Bees Childcare & Kindergaten is a method of seeing children as the really are and of creating environments which foster the fulfillment of their highest potential – spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual – as members of a family and the world community. Our curriculum reflects the belief that kindergartens and pre-schools should address the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and ethical development of children. The main intent is for students to value learning and develop the skills to gain knowledge and undertand their world. At graduation, students will achieve all 6 learning areas such as:

+ Language and Literacy

+ Personal Development

+ Mathematics

+ Environment Awareness

+ Coordination and Balance

+ Creativity ( art, drama, music )


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