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Ms Võ Thị Thu Đông 

We believe that every child has the potaintial to be the best he or she can be. A good preparation is the key to success in the future. With a scientific method, we bring both the very best in your child. We taught our students how to respect individual differences, and to emphasize social interaction and the education of the whole personality rather than the teaching of a specific body of knowledge.

(Maria Montessori, 1870 - 1952)

We regconized that observation and the meeting of needs are continual and specific for each child. When physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs are met, children will glow with excitement and drive to play, learn, work and create with enthusiasm. They will also exhibit a desire to cooperate, help and care for others and aesthetic appreciation, between academic skills and social living skills so they will be more confident moving into the next level at other reputable State or International primary school in VietNam.

At Baby Bees Childcare & Kindergaten, we commit to providing the best academic and social environments, strongly emphasizing the development of a whole child by encouraging students to achieve their fullest potential.


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