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At Baby Bees Childcare &  Kindergaten, we understand that adapting to a new education system, new learning and teaching methods in a billingual environment is not easy for our students. A stress-free adjustment to this new environment is the school’s focus and of all Baby Bees’s managers and teachers. Recognizing that most of our students will later pursure higher education, either locally or abroad, our aim is the encouragement of mature, international, well-qualified, bilingual individuals, with an emphasis places on the development of each students. We regard the following as the most important factor toward the achievement of this aim.

Measuring our students’ acchievement rely on international standards: all 5-year-old students expected to pass all entry test of all State or International primary school in the country or abroad. Developing the whole child: the school addresses the cultural moral, interllectual, emotional, social, creative, linguistic, and physical needs of each students, and bears in mind the interdependency of these aspects of the student’s development.

Ensuring the social and learning environment be internationally in outlook, ragardless origins, non-racist and non-sexist.

Placing the student’s experience at the heart of the learning process, emphasizing how children learn as a complement to what they learn.


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